New McKernan Centre is Open!

One month after officially opening the doors to a brand new Respite Centre in McKernan (11341 78 Avenue – MCKERNAN COMMUNITY HALL), AdaptAbilities has been working hard to smoothen the transition into the new center, for the both staff and participants.

Coming up on the 10-year anniversary for AdaptAbilities, one of the biggest needs for us was more space. Operating out of a household doesn’t quite cut it when 60-70 participants a day are coming through those doors. The loud noise and large cluster of people could be an overwhelming stimulant to many of our participants.

And that is exactly what the new McKernan Centre offers! Space. Not only is there more room for games, group activities, and a little rambunctious playtime, but there are also rooms for participants to take a break, and isolate themselves away from all the stimulation and distractions.

The versatility of the space and facility also allows AdaptAbilities Relief Care and Community Specialists to better attend to their own needs. The greater space inside allows for more options to keep participants entertained, lessens the load on our Relief Care Specialists, as well as it allows the specialist to find low stress/noise free rooms for Participant relaxation.

The location of our new Centre is a big positive to the addition as well. Right beside the McKernan/Belgravia LRT station, and close to a community park, the new Centre offers much to do outside its walls, and easy access to the rest of the city. This should be very beneficial to our 7-week Hearts in Action summer camps as much of the actual activities take place at different locations around the city.

While many of the activities Community Connect and our Hearts in Action summer camps happen off-site at various locations around the city, but the new Centre offers us a better location for the drop off/pick up hours the participants spend onsite.

What it all boils down to is that the Mckernan Centre will allow us to provide better respite services for our participants and their caretakers, as well as provide a better work environment for the long days our Relief Care Specialists put in.

If you’re interested in stopping in to say ‘hi’, or have any questions, feel free to stop by the new Centre (11341 78 Ave), our main offices (11226 75 Ave). You can also give us a call at 780 431 8446, drop a line on our Twitter or Facebook pages, or check out our website

Until next time.