Hearts in Action Summer Camps: Weekly from July to Mid-August

AdaptAbilities is once again preparing for another fun-filled summer with the Hearts in Actions Summer camps. The Camp caters to all ages and has a focus on developing important personal components, such as recreation & motor development, essential life skills, and expressive arts.

We offer structured programming to facilitate growth, low participant to instructor ratios, programming that caters to individual abilities, weekly field trips, and a focus on providing an opportunity to Grow, Succeed, and Belong. 

Teen/Adult Schedule:

Week 1: (July 1st to 4th) The Works Design Festival
Terwillager Rec Centre, Bubblegum Art, Sports World Roller Skating
Week 2: (July 7th -11th) Street Performers (FULL) 
Gardening and Hawrelak Park, Common Wealth Rec Centre, Golfing at Kinsmen
Week 3: (July 14 – 18) Taste of Edmonton and K-Days Parade (FULL)
Making “Car-wash” Advertisement Signs and Run the Carwash, Swimming at Millcreek Pool
Week 4: (July 21 – 25) Cardboard Boats making and Races (FULL) 
Bake Cookies to donate, Terwillager Rec Centre, Scotia Bank Theatre Arcade
Week 5: (July 28- August 1st) Paddle Boating at Hawrelak Park
Library, and Scavenger Hunt, William Lutsky YMCA, Launch Pad Trampoline Park.
Week 6: (August 5-8) Sports Day and Lazer Quest
Paper Mache Sports Sculptures, Swimming at Queen Elizabeth
Week 7: (August 11-15) Fringe Festival (FULL)
Water fights at Kinsmen, Play Writing, Terwillager Rec Centre, Fort Edmonton Park

Junior/Child/Preteen Summer Camp Schedule

Week 1: (July 1st to 4th) Monsters & Mammals (Only ‘Child’ Available)
Swimming, the Valley Zoo, Mini Golf!
Week 2: (July 7th -11th) Wacky & Wonderful (FULL)
Lazer Quest, Swimming, Street Performers
Week 3: (July 14 – 18) Summer Sun (FULL)
Launch Pad Trampoline Park, Swimming, Kinsmen Park
Week 4: (July 21 – 25) Fantasy Land (FULL)
Monday Morning Magic, Swimming, Ropes Quest
Week 5: (July 28- August 1st) Wicked Wizards (FULL)
Telus World of Science, Swimming, Magic Show!
Week 6: (August 5-8) Stupendous Superstars
Millenium Place, Swimming, Bouncy Castles
Week 7: (August 11-15) Discovery Week (FULL)
Fort Edmonton Park, Swimming, Bowling

Primary (3-6 years old)

Week 1: (July 1-4) Monsters & Mammals
Worms and Dirt, Marine Life at WEM, Swimming
Week 2: (July 7-11) Wacky & Wonderful (FULL)
Street Performers, Tree house Indoor Playground, Swimming
Week 3: (July 14-18) Summer Sun (FULL)
Kinsmen Park, Build-a-Bear, Swimming
Week 4: (July 21-25) Fantasy Land (FULL) 
Caramel Apples, Monday Morning Magic, Swimming
Week 5: (July 28-Aug 1) Wicked Wizards
Volcano Eruptions, Telus World of Science, Swimming
Week 6: (August 5-8) Stupendous Superstars 
Millenium Place, Swimming 
Week 7: (August 11-15) Discovery Week (FULL)
WEM Fun Zone, Fort Edmonton Park, Swimming