AdaptAbilities’ Hearts in Action Day Camps: Always Action Packed

When I first walked into the AdaptAbilities Meadowlark Centre for my first day on the job as a Relief Care Specialist, I was unsure of what to expect to say the least.

The days are action packed with daily field trips, learning adventures, and activities. From swimming and music lessons one day, to golf and picnic’s the next; everyday is unique, and if properly motivated, everyone has a blast.

I’ve worked summer camps before with Boys and Girls Clubs, and have enjoyed the experience but I was prepared for a challenge those previous jobs could never equal, and I was a bit nervous.

As I walked down the stairs I was immediately greeted by a big smile and an enthusiastic voice declaring, “Hello! I’m Jamal, Who are yoooouuuu?” I was so amused by the energy, friendliness, and joy that it was impossible to wipe the smile off my face. And it has remained as such since.

Challenges do occur of course, as they do in all youth-group activities, but surprisingly the amazing part of the job is that the challenges are legit ones with very fulfilling outcomes once solved.

As a staff member, I never could have imagined the new perspectives and outlook on life I've gained by simply spending time with our HIA participants. I’ve been continually surprised, impressed, and motivated with the challenges these people overcome as continue on a journey we all share: to live a fulfilling life.

- Written by Nick Hobson