HIA Summer Camps Wrap Up a Successful Season!

The Alberta AdaptAbilities Hearts in Action Summer Camp capped off another successful season last week, with the seventh and final week.

The whole summer was a huge success with a record, near capacity camper attendance, and glowing reviews and stories from Participants, Parents, and Staff Members alike.

The Camp began in July and finished mid-august, and had participants consistently out in the community enjoying everything beautiful Edmonton has to offer during Festival Season. From the Street Performers, to Taste of Edmonton, to K-Days, to Heritage Days, and the ongoing Fringe Festival; HIA was there to soak it all in.

But beyond the weekly field trips and daily activities, what the heart of HIA is, is to allow our Participants chances to develop the self-confidence and curiosity to “Grow, Succeed, and Belong” in the community. And this is what Staff Members were privileged enough to witness everyday.

Whether it was improving communication and developing better coping skills, or learning new things to gaining confidence in skills they’ve always had, every Participant showed noted growth and success as they grew comfortable in the camp, and bonds began to grow tighter between them and other Participants and Staff Members.

The Camp was broken down into a multitude of age groups and a ratio of about 2-1 Participants to Staff.  Everyone was able to build a strong connection with those in their groups and with whom they were working with. The comfort developed with the HIA family is important to the Participant getting the most out of camp as they can, and everyone left with some of the fondest of memories of those they got to know at Camp.

As we progress into After-School Care and Fall Respite programs, AdaptAbilities is already looking forward to the new school year, and next summers HIA!

We hope you are too, and we’ll join us on our mission to help our participants GROW, SUCCEED, and BELONG.