10th Anniversary kick-off Open House!

To celebrate 10 years of operation in the Edmonton community, AdaptAbilities is kicking off our 10th year with an Open House, BBQ, and a painting of a mosaic mural in the new Centre to commemorate the milestone. 

On Saturday, September 13th from 11 am to 3 pm, feel free to stop by our new Mckernan Centre for a BBQ - provided by K&K Foodliner - (all proceeds go to our programs), a tour of the new Respite Centre, music, games, jumpy tent, face painting, arcade alley, and good family fun to commemorate our passed decade, and to look forward to the next one. 

Individuals who have been a part of the AdaptAbilities family are welcome to paint a personal square into our 10th Anniversary Mural. If you have worked with us, been a participant, or have been affected or influenced by AdaptAbilities, this is a call on you to come paint your own square which will be a part of our very own Mosaic Mural Maserpiece, organized by Phil Alain at the Open House, and show the role you played in helping us grow! It is most appreciated. 

We look forward to seeing all of the familiar faces we've met and gotten to know over the years, as well as new people who are looking to learn more about the organization. 

Come joins us in kicking off the 10th Anniversary for AdaptAbilities!