Edmonton teen skydives to raise funds and awareness for AdaptAbilities

On Friday, October 7th, 2016, 16 year old Jonathan Clarke will jump from almost 10 thousand feet to raise money for AdaptAbilities. Funds brought in will help keep our services financially accessible for children and families with special needs. 

The Edmonton youth worked a landscaping job all summer to raise the money needed to pay for the cost of the tandem jump. With the support of his youth coordinator, John Huntley, Clarke raised an additional $200 as a donation to our organization.

Clarke read about AdaptAbilities online and felt compelled to help. He liked how much we did with children in the Edmonton community, working towards inclusion for all - that set AdaptAbilities apart for him. 

Growing up, Clarke shared he had his own issues with belonging. He had a number of children with disabilities in his life and empathized with their frustrations. When other kids would make fun of them, he would come to their defence explaining: “we are all human - everyone needs to get along.” 

The jump is scheduled for 1:00 p.m. at Eden North Parachute School Stoney Plain, pending weather conditions; all funds raised will go to AdaptAbilities regardless of if the jump goes through.

To donate to Jonathan’s jump in support of AdaptAbilities, contact Patricia Stransky, Fund Development, (780)431-8446 ext. 3031 or giving@adaptabilities.ca