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Community Connect Evening: Swimming

October 2nd Community Connect

Activity:               Swimming
Program Fee:     $13.00 (plus applicable costs as per below)

General Overview

Young Adult Night is designed to provide adults with special needs a wide range of recreational and leisure opportunities.

Location:            Head Office/Community Connect (11226 – 75th Avenue) 
Time:                  6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. 
Age:                   Young Adults aged 18-25 years

Each week we offer young adults the chance to hang out and meet new friends!  The aim is to improve decision making skills, independence, and increase participation in the community.

Community Connect Evening Planners will be sent home each week – detailing the activity for the following week. This communication tool is vital for teaching participant’s responsibility and coming prepared for the activity. Please assist us by allocating a spot on the fridge or bulletin board at home. Planners will ONLY be sent by e-mail to those participants ill or absent.


Full Program

Save 30% when you register for all 10 evenings!

$16.48/hr - $25/hr OR agency funded for all 10 sessions plus
Program Fee: $95.00 *Reduced from $125*


$16.48/hr - $25/hr OR agency funded plus
Drop In Program Fee: $5.00 
plus the cost of the activity
All Drop-Ins must be booked in advance through the Head Office.

Subsidies may be available for those without government agreements.

*New Participants:  $50.00 One-Time Intake Fee*

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