Michelle's Fall 2014 Message

Hello everyone!

As summer came and went, AdaptAbilities had another tremendous season with our Hearts in Action Summer Camps and an Inclusive Summer Camp Pilot Project. We supported over 500 children and young adults helping them to Grow, Succeed, & Belong in the community. All attendees experienced the many different adventures and festivals our great city has to offer. The participants, as well as staff and volunteers formed new friendships and all had a blast on the many field trips and excursions we had around the city.

With fall, AdaptAbilities was busy continuing after-school care, Teen Nights, our Community Connect and in-home programs, as well as celebrating our 10th Anniversary. Earlier in the season we hosted an Open House to commemorate our new centre and 10 years of growth in our community. Many guests attended, including our MLA Steve Young as well as the “Real” SpiderMan who popped in to bring some smiles to the kids' faces!

You can watch the fall event below and you can see pictures of the day here

Taking care of yourself is the most powerful way to begin to take care of others
— Bryant McGill

During our Open House we began work on a Mosaic Mural for our new Centre, and as of now it is just short of completion! So, on Friday, December 12, we invite you to join us for a relaxing afternoon where you will be encouraged to take care of yourself with the pleasures of Alley Cat beer-tasting, fantastic appetizers from The Common, shoulder massages, and you guessed it, completing the remainder of our Mosaic Mural!

The paint brushes will be ready and everyone is welcome. Parents, take time before the hectic holiday season begins to learn about respite, self care, and how we can support you. Professionals, who have not yet seen our new centre, take a tour of our new Centre, and learn about our unique programs aimed in providing families “respite,” an important component to the well-being of families. I hope to see you there.  

We are also collecting stories from those we have worked with to share during our tenth anniversary. If you have a story, please send it in. We have a form for that here. 

We will have more events throughout the year to celebrate 10 years of belonging, so stay tuned to our website, Twitter, and Facebook pages for more information!  Feel free to interact with us on Twitter or Facebook, or pop by the main office and say ‘hi!’ We would love to hear from you.

On behalf of AdaptAbilities, I wish you a fantastic season!

Michelle Hordal,
Founder & Executive Director
Alberta AdaptAbilities Association