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Demonstrate Your Commitment To Our Community

We have opportunities for sponsorship throughout the year. If you are interested in sponsoring a specific program or special event, contact us!

Many families struggle to provide the basic necessities for their children, making it difficult for them to provide the funds for their child to participate in community activities.

Our goal is to increase opportunities for children with special needs to participate in their communities. Sponsorship in this area may come in a variety of forms.

A dollar donation, tickets, gift certificates, coupons, and discount cards will allow children to access programs and facilities in their communities and experience activities they may not have otherwise.




Donate Now Through!

Throughout the year, our fundraising events and activities have only been possibly with the help of our sponsors. We greatly appreciate our relationship with our corporate partners.

If you or your company would like to sponsor one of our events, we will proudly display your logo and information as our sponsor and friend. We greatly value our relationship with our corporate partners.