Meet Jag

When Jag first came to AdaptAbilities, he was very shy, barely speaking. After attending the Community Connect program for several years, Jag is opening up and having full conversations with his friends. Jag has become particularly close with a couple guys, and they can often be found listening to music, joking around and demonstrating their sense of humor.

He is a passionate photographer and takes artistic pictures of his friends, his surroundings and especially cars. Jag has a passion for cars of all types, and he loves to visit local car dealerships.  He also enjoys using the computer to research cars. He is also skilled on the computer and would like to further develop skills of editing his pictures.

Being able to do things independently gives Jag a great sense of accomplishment.  In addition, Jag likes to help others. He is always the first to jump in and lend a hand if something needs to be done. His responsible attitude is one of his greatest strengths. He makes sure he is where he needs to be and is always on time. Jag is a kind hearted guy who likes to help out everyone the best he can. He likes to know that everyone is taken care of and has what they need before he can focus on himself.

Recently, Jag was hired by Anthony at Your Service.  He is passionate about his new position and takes it very seriously.  This employment adds meaning to Jag’s day and you can see the pride in his face when he speaks about his job.  After receiving his first cheque, Jag told us that we would like to save up for a new iPod.  His dedication will be a great asset to any employment position he pursues.  Jag also has a weekly volunteer placement at Operation Friendship Seniors’ Society.  Jag is also proud of this placement.  After volunteering, Jag will let everyone know how many meals he made that day.  It is great to see his self-confidence increasing after each day of work.

A Note From Jag’s Mom…

Jag always looks forward to going to AdaptAbilities. He loves it. he definitely benefits from socially interacting with other people on a daily basis.
— Jag's Mom

After Jag graduated from the class of 2010 at Ross Shepherd School he was home because there were no programs with availability for him.  He was at home for almost a year and really missed being part of a program.  We checked out several programs and had one in mind and applied, but of course no space for Jag.  Then PDD suggested AdaptAbilities.  We visited and applied and got approval.  As Michelle Hordal can attest, I (Jag's Mom) was a little hesitant, but those feelings quickly went away when he was treated with the utmost care and respect. 

AdaptAbilities and all the people that have worked with Jag have made him a happier and more productive person. He always looks forward to going to AdaptAbilities.  He loves it. Jag definitely benefits from socially interacting with other people on a daily basis.  As of the last few months AdaptAbilities has helped him volunteer and now has a job at Anthony At Your Service with their help. He proudly tells others about his job.

Thank you AdaptAbilities and all the people working there for being so good to Jag.