Frequently Asked Questions

Where is AdaptAbilities located?
AdaptAbilities has 3 locations. We have a New Respite Centre in the McKernan Community Hall (11341 78 Ave), a Centre in the Meadowlark Area (8721 163 St), and our third Centre and Head Office also located in the McKernan area (11226 75 Ave)

Do you provide transportation to and from AdaptAbilities’ programs?
The short answer is yes but our ability to transport is limited especially during the school year and is never guaranteed until we have established a confirmed transportation plan.

For families where transportation is a barrier, a transportation request can be made and AdaptAbilities will do its best to accommodate the request by coordinating with multiple options like a private transportation company, taxi, and/or provide transportation ourselves. There is a charge for transportation and the cost is parent responsibility.

If your family member is over 16, you may choose to utilize DATS, a door-to-door transportation service. Please visit DATS for more information.

My child went to a community based program and was asked to leave. How can AdaptAbilities help? Are you going to call me to pick up my child when he is having a bad day?
At AdaptAbilities, our goal is inclusion, one person at a time. We will support your child through the challenging behaviours so he/she can have a great time and you will not have to leave work. Our belief is that everyone can succeed when they are heard, respected and recognized as people with skills and strengths contributing to their community.

What are the qualifications of your staff?
We employ highly qualified Relief Care and Community Connect Specialists. A Criminal Record Check and Intervention Record Check are required. First Aid and CPR are required by staff within the first three months of employment. We offer In-House Professional Training and Development: Beyond Behaviours, Values, Attitude and Language, Mentorship, Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, Abuse Prevention & Response Protocol and Medication Administration. Staff and volunteers coming into AdaptAbilities are also required to complete a Company Orientation session, RCS/CS Orientation and Risk Management.

AdaptAbilities matches the education and/or life experiences of our employees with the needs of each participant and/or person who hires us to provide quality programs. We recruit staff in fields such as education, occupational therapy, speech language pathology, disability studies, early childhood development, mental health, nursing, child and youth care, educational assistant, etc.

Do I need to send an aid with my son/daughter?
No. We have reliable and highly trained staff to support your son/daughter for the time they are in our programs. However, if you have a person who supports your son/daughter and you feel most comfortable having them support your child, we will welcome both your child and care provider to our programs. A pro-rated charge will apply.

What if I can't afford staffing costs, program fees, and/or transportation costs etc.?
You may be eligible to receive funding for staffing costs through Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) or Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD). PDD funding covers staffing costs for those over the age of 18 and FSCD covers staffing costs for those under the age of 18. We have a contract with PDD which covers all approved costs and we are able to set up third party billing on behalf of the parents/guardians with their own contracts with FSCD.

Parent cost share amounts, program fees, transportation and any other fees not covered by a funding agency are a parent’s responsibility. When a parent/guardian is unable to pay for these extra costs, they can apply for our AdaptAbilities In House bursary that was started in 2010 with the help of the Northern Lights Rotary Club of Edmonton.

My son/daughter is turning 18 in two years... what do I do?
Your son or daughter is 16 and it isn’t too soon to start thinking about the transition into adulthood. Your FSCD caseworker should start the conversation and process to the PDD world.

AdaptAbilities strives to make the transition to adulthood seamless for the people utilizing our services and their families as there is much to learn when one is turning 18.

We also recommend families contact Gateway Association located right here in Edmonton. They provide to families an excellent six-part series in Transition Planning for Adulthood that helps families build a solid foundation for a positive future for their teens beyond high school.

Can I terminate services at any time?
Yes, you are welcome to terminate services at any time. Keep in mind, one month/ thirty days written notice must be given when terminating services and to avoid billing.

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